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Re: [Debconf-team] DebConf13 + Debian 20th birthday event announcement

Hi OdyX,

I'd suggest you to put more content into the news than into the "about  
Debian" section, currently it is otherwise and in my perception "about Debian" 
is not what a news is all about ;-)

The essential part that's missing is the answer on the question: Why should I 
go to that birthday party? The text just tells there is a party within DebConf 
and then instantly moves over to a generic description of DebConf (ommiting 
the question "what's going on there" as well), it _doesn't attract readers_ at 

-> Answer the questions above
-> Give a brief overview of the schedule, highlighting the probably most 
interesting talks, for example "FreedomBox" and "Flying Rockets with Debian 
-> Point out the barbecue and/or the party at the bar (and put that 
registration advice into the news, too, in case somebody doesn't read the 


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