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Re: Publicity team todo list

On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 05:58:56PM +0200, Victor Nițu wrote:
> I'll advance the proposal to our local community, and see how things
> go. As for the announcement, I can try doing the press release for
> b-day, since I already got the general idea about it contents and
> structure. But not sooner than Monday, I guess.

Don't worry: it's still months away, so I'd say we can set these
deadlines for the announcements:

- call for initiatives (b-day parties, etc) to be sent ~1 month before the
  anniversary (so, 16/07/2013)

- bday press release to be sent August 16th and to be frozen ~4 days
  before it.

> > As you can see on the wiki page, for now the main ideas are:
> > 
> > 1. have simultaneous birthday parties all around the world (we'll
> > probably need to coordinate with DebConf Team as the "main" Debian
> > birthday party will be held in Le Camp during DebConf13)
> > 
> Maybe we can adapt the thank-you [1] platform in order to incorporate
> party locations around the globe? Just a thought, will look into it to
> see how it can be done, if anybody think it is worth it.
> [1] http://thank-you.debian.net/

It's a splendid idea. You may want to ask the guys who put it up last
year (check here for contacts and git repo

> > 2. have a sort of contest for a specific artwork, to use eventually for a
> > limited edition t-shirt or other merchandise (and here we may want to
> > coordinate with events@debian.org and DebianArt.org people)
> > 
> I'll try to raise those ideas in our local community as well, and I
> encourage everybody to do this kind of propagation (maybe link to the
> wiki page).

I think it's better to discuss this one more between us, before spreading
the word about it. But as soon as we have decided how to actually do it,
we'll indeed need people to promote the idea in their local community.


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