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Publicity team todo list

[[cc-ed events@debian.org as they may want to participate in this
discussion, especially wrt merchandise and Debian Birthday]

Hi all,

I've just created a new page on the wiki [1], where I added a draft of todo
list for the next months' team activities.
The major point of it is starting to share ideas about the promotion
of two big events:

 - Wheezy release
 - 20th Debian anniversary

Obviously, if you have some more things you think we should work on, feel
free to add them to the page.

About the 20th Debian birthday, I'd really like to start planning the
eventual initiatives|promoting|announcements in large advance, so that we
can reach (and involve) people all around the world (especially Debian
Users Groups).

As you can see on the wiki page, for now the main ideas are:

1. have simultaneous birthday parties all around the world (we'll
probably need to coordinate with DebConf Team as the "main" Debian
birthday party will be held in Le Camp during DebConf13)

2. have a sort of contest for a specific artwork, to use eventually for a
limited edition t-shirt or other merchandise (and here we may want to
coordinate with events@debian.org and DebianArt.org people)

Do you have more ideas? What do you think about these?


ps: we should also hurry about the April's fool organisation. For obvious
reasons we can't discuss about it through public mailing lists or IRC
chan, so if you are interested in a bit of brainstorming about it, write
me a mail at madamezou@debian.org with subject "April's fool cabal" and
I'll keep you in the loop!

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Publicity/todo

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