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Re: Publicity team todo list

On Wed, 20 Feb 2013 16:20:56 +0100
Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@debian.org> wrote:

> I've just created a new page on the wiki [1], where I added a draft of todo
> list for the next months' team activities.

Great, thanks for doing this :-)

> About the 20th Debian birthday, I'd really like to start planning the
> eventual initiatives|promoting|announcements in large advance, so that we
> can reach (and involve) people all around the world (especially Debian
> Users Groups).

I'll advance the proposal to our local community, and see how things
go. As for the announcement, I can try doing the press release for
b-day, since I already got the general idea about it contents and
structure. But not sooner than Monday, I guess.

> As you can see on the wiki page, for now the main ideas are:
> 1. have simultaneous birthday parties all around the world (we'll
> probably need to coordinate with DebConf Team as the "main" Debian
> birthday party will be held in Le Camp during DebConf13)

Maybe we can adapt the thank-you [1] platform in order to incorporate
party locations around the globe? Just a thought, will look into it to
see how it can be done, if anybody think it is worth it.

[1] http://thank-you.debian.net/

> 2. have a sort of contest for a specific artwork, to use eventually for a
> limited edition t-shirt or other merchandise (and here we may want to
> coordinate with events@debian.org and DebianArt.org people)

I'll try to raise those ideas in our local community as well, and I
encourage everybody to do this kind of propagation (maybe link to the
wiki page).

. o .   Victor Nițu
. . o   debian.org.ro
o o o   nightsh @OFTC

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