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Re: a different workflow for DPN?

On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 2:14 AM, David Prévot wrote:

> The initial proposal was not about file names changing all the time.

I quickly realised that keeping the setup with one current issue was a bad idea.

Having just one current issue means that 'current' for English does
not mean 'current' for Russian or Portugese. This means that
translations get out of sync and it is harder to figure out what is
what. With the new setup we use unique DPN edition numbers so there is
no renaming of files, so nothing can get out of sync.

It also has the advantages of being able to easily know what edition
we are up to and to be able to introduce new editions while the
current one is frozen.

> About the flat structure and file name changes ($path/index.wml →
> current.en.wml), I didn't raise an objection because I don't mind
> adapting my workflow if it is for the best. I wouldn't mind an
> explanation anyway: it's easier to accept a change when one understands
> why it happens.

The extra directory was mainly useful to separate out old DPN
editions. Once I got rid of old DPN editions that were no longer
needed in the publicity SVN (since they were on the website already),
having an extra directory in the name of each file was unnessecary and
just hid stuff away.

The flat structure is also a good way to get a quick overview of the
whole status of DPN, including translations.

> I don't get either why this change had to be the the first one implemented.

It was actually the second one implemented; first I got rid of all the
old editions of DPN or moved them to the website since we no longer
needed them in the publicity SVN. I suppose I could have gone to
current.en.wml first and then discussed using unique DPN edition
numbers later.

> The publicity repository is used by the publicity and press teams, but
> also by many translation teams. Every team may have a different workflow
> (I'm aware of how the French team works, but have almost no clue about
> any of the other translation teams). I expected that those other teams
> would have been at least informed about the changes before they happen
> (none of them are expected to follow the -publicity mailing list, I
> probably should have raised that point earlier: you native
> English-speakers tend to forgot the rest of the world ;-).

Ah, I did expect translation folks would be following the list.

Should we decide to stick with unique DPN edition numbers or go to one
with current.en.wml, which lists should I announce the change on after
updating the ProjectNews wiki pages?



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