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Re: proposed news piece for BSP in Alcester

On Sat, 2012-10-06 at 11:15 +0100, Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:

> This weekend seven world-renowned Free Software developers and contributors
> to the Debian Project arrive in Alcester, for two days concentrated work
> towards their forthcoming release, Debian 7.0.

I would suggest s/world-renowned// 

> Debian is the 'Universal Operating System', software which can power your
> PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet. It is used on many thousands of
> workstations and servers around the world and is the basis of popular Linux
> distributions including Ubuntu. Founded in 1993 Debian has strong
> principles of freedom and openness and consists of entirely voluntary
> contributions.

I would suggest not mentioning smartphones and tablets (perhaps just
"device" instead), we do not have good support for these. We are missing
both hardware support and appropriate user interfaces. The former is due
to fragmentation on the ARM platform, locked bootloaders, non-free
drivers, GPL violations and code not getting upstream. The latter is
mostly due to the missing hardware support.



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