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Re: a different workflow for DPN?


Le 02/10/2012 08:19, Paul Wise a écrit :
> On Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 7:40 PM, David Prévot wrote:
>> I fail to see the benefit of changing the file
>> names, making it harder to point to a direct URL when we ask for review and
>> contribution, and in the HowTo make a DPN documentation. I also fail to see
>> the benefit of a flat structure (I was pretty happy with my partial
>> checkout, only caring about English and the French translation).
> It would have been nice if you had objected when I made the proposal.

The initial proposal was not about file names changing all the time.

About the flat structure and file name changes ($path/index.wml →
current.en.wml), I didn't raise an objection because I don't mind
adapting my workflow if it is for the best. I wouldn't mind an
explanation anyway: it's easier to accept a change when one understands
why it happens.

I don't get either why this change had to be the the first one implemented.

>> I notice those changes have been made without trying to reach the
>> translation teams, that seems to hurry a bit stuff without coordination.
> Sorry about that, I don't have much knowledge of translation workflows or teams.

The publicity repository is used by the publicity and press teams, but
also by many translation teams. Every team may have a different workflow
(I'm aware of how the French team works, but have almost no clue about
any of the other translation teams). I expected that those other teams
would have been at least informed about the changes before they happen
(none of them are expected to follow the -publicity mailing list, I
probably should have raised that point earlier: you native
English-speakers tend to forgot the rest of the world ;-).



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