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Re: proposed news piece for BSP in Alcester

On Wed, Oct 03, 2012 at 08:54:38AM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> On Tue, 2012-10-02 at 20:48 +0100, Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> > I'd like to send a piece to the local press about this BSP (a news
> > piece rather than anything else). ... but before I spend the time
> > writing is this a problem in principle? 
> Sounds like a great idea to me (as assistant to the press team).
> > I'd run it by you first of course,
> I would suggest that you use the debian-publicity list for that, your
> mail will get a wider audience and all the press team members should be
> subscribed there anyway.

Super. I thought it might go something like this:



This weekend seven world-renowned Free Software developers and contributors
to the Debian Project arrive in Alcester, for two days concentrated work
towards their forthcoming release, Debian 7.0.

Debian is the 'Universal Operating System', software which can power your
PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet. It is used on many thousands of
workstations and servers around the world and is the basis of popular Linux
distributions including Ubuntu. Founded in 1993 Debian has strong
principles of freedom and openness and consists of entirely voluntary

Host Jonathan Wiltshire said of the event: “Release preparation events like
this happen all over the world, so to hold one here puts Alcester firmly on
the map of Free Software development. With over 20,000 pieces of software
available to Debian users, face-to-face development time like this is
essential to the continued high quality of our release. I look forward to
welcoming my fellow developers to our town”.

[plus usual 'about' blurb]

Any objections to that wording from the press team? I'd like to get it
dispatched ASAP to be in time for this week's print runs.


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