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Re: possible worth a press release: debian.org goes private cloud


On Sat Sep 15, 2012 at 13:58:01 +0200, Francesca Ciceri wrote:
> I think that being donations involved, the (general) press release +
> (technical detailed) blogpost is the best solution.
> As the press release will be targeted to general public, it would be a
> good idea to address some questions like:
>   - Is the Debian infrastructure now - at least partially - in our
>     private cloud?

Most of debian.org's infrastructure[1] nowadays runs within a virtualized
environment, mostly KVM servers running standalone.

With the recent set of hardware we bought or we got donated in the last
months we were able to build up clusters of hardware. This offered the
opportunity to use a cluster virtualization manager. We chosed ganeti2.
So yes, basicly we start building our own private cloud.

>   - What does it means in terms of changes, prestations, stability, etc?

We have services like eg. udd.debian.org which are hard to mirror and
also used by other distributions and thus need a high avalibility. With
the recent changes we can offer this HA, even when hardware is failing
and we would need to replace parts of it. In future we also plan more
services, like master.debian.org, lists.debian.org and other important
services to the project into this private cloud.

>   - What makes it different from the previous situations?

Beside the HA setup, DSA does not need to take care anymore where
services run, it eases administration (we need to run the ganeti
commands only on one central ganeti server. DSA now can also much more
easy create new VMs for new services.

> I'd add obviously the thanks to people who donated (plus a clever link to
> how donate moar).

i THINK the amount of 35-40k USD was spend either by direct hardware
donations and money donations on new hardware the last 18 month.
Auditors or DPL should be able give more exact numbers if needed. So we
should thanks our donors here, and our hosting partners.
> I can start working on it as soon as you give more info: note that we
> need at least a couple of days for reviews and translations of the
> announcement. 

[1] here i do not count buildds and porter boxes.

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