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Re: possible worth a press release: debian.org goes private cloud

On Sat, Sep 15, 2012 at 12:08:15PM +0200, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> Beloved Press officers,

Beloved DSA ;),

> i would like to make you aware that DSA setup ganeti2 clusters at UBCECE
> and is in progress of setting up an additional one at man-da. We were
> able to do this due to the donations we got (we bought several hardware
> machines in the recent month and got others donated).
> A few services (like udd.debian.org, bugs-mirror.debian.org,
> bugs-search.debian.org) are already migrated to this ganeti2 cluster.
> Today I did the first live migration of udd.debian.org, to reboot the
> actual hardware behind udd.debian.org, without any downtime of
> udd.debian.org itself.
> All of this uses open source tools like KVM, DRDB and ganeti2.

Wow! Well done!

> I first was thinking of doing a personal blog post about it, but later
> realized, it might be better to share this with you, so we might be able
> to do proper press release for thanking the community for the donations
> we got and the open source software we are able to use, so we can do
> this cool stuff.
> My current idea: we do a press release, and i will do a blog post mostly
> at the same time, where the press release has some rough informations
> and the thanks, and i would do a very technical blog post about this.

> How does this sound?

Sounds like a plan.

I think that being donations involved, the (general) press release +
(technical detailed) blogpost is the best solution.
As the press release will be targeted to general public, it would be a
good idea to address some questions like:

  - Is the Debian infrastructure now - at least partially - in our
    private cloud?
  - What does it means in terms of changes, prestations, stability, etc?
  - What makes it different from the previous situations?

I'd add obviously the thanks to people who donated (plus a clever link to
how donate moar).

I can start working on it as soon as you give more info: note that we
need at least a couple of days for reviews and translations of the

"Convince people with results,
rather than words"
Enrico Zini, Debian Community Guidelines

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