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possible worth a press release: debian.org goes private cloud

Beloved Press officers,

i would like to make you aware that DSA setup ganeti2 clusters at UBCECE
and is in progress of setting up an additional one at man-da. We were
able to do this due to the donations we got (we bought several hardware
machines in the recent month and got others donated).

A few services (like udd.debian.org, bugs-mirror.debian.org,
bugs-search.debian.org) are already migrated to this ganeti2 cluster.
Today I did the first live migration of udd.debian.org, to reboot the
actual hardware behind udd.debian.org, without any downtime of
udd.debian.org itself.

All of this uses open source tools like KVM, DRDB and ganeti2.

I first was thinking of doing a personal blog post about it, but later
realized, it might be better to share this with you, so we might be able
to do proper press release for thanking the community for the donations
we got and the open source software we are able to use, so we can do
this cool stuff.

My current idea: we do a press release, and i will do a blog post mostly
at the same time, where the press release has some rough informations
and the thanks, and i would do a very technical blog post about this.

How does this sound?

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