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Re: New version of DPNhtml2mail.pl


Le vendredi 11 mai 2012 à 11:21:05 (-0400), David Prévot a écrit :
> > - One possibility is to remove the link if the email address is already
> >   display in the text,
> That's a good idea: it's the reason why we remove them, they're already
> in the running text.

I will work on this.

> >   however it will not remove the last link for the
> >   English version or the two last of the French
> Maybe could it be possible to recognize only the last paragraph (it's
> always the same, title has the “continuedpn” anchor, it's before <hr>)
> and don't handle any link in it?

If the anchor is stable, it will be really easy to not include link
there. Thanks for the 

> > - A second one is to remove all the mailto corresponding to a list
> >   (publicity and l10n). But it will also remove the mailto inside the
> >   text that correspond.
> I'm not sure to understand this last proposal.

We just define a black list of mail that we never display my proposition
is the publicity and all l10n mail addresses.
But since the above solutions will solve the problem there is no need to
implement it.



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