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Re: New version of DPNhtml2mail.pl


Le 03/05/2012 19:04, Thomas Blein a écrit :

> here is a new version of DPNhtml2mail.pl

That's great, thanks a lot! Those improvements will make our life a lot
easier, so I just committed it (r3684, only removing “# Correction of
indentation of the script” from the changelog, thanks for that too: it
helps to figure out what the actual changes are).

> Feedbacks are welcome,

There are so many better things, I can't count them all, so I'll just
focus on some remaining bits. While testing on the last French DPN issue
(2012/09), we can still spot some bugs:

- incorrect handling of some links (e.g. “unautre” l.72 or “donnéun”
- missing newline after a list (e.g. events l.158 or only one newline
	after the NNWP, l.282);
- incorrect handling of <acronym> inside <a> (e.g. “[35]UDD” l.198);
- incorrect handling of <q> inside <a> (e.g. NNWP nqp, l.264);

Other ideas, feature request (we already talk of some on IRC, all may
not be easy, but writing them down to remember):

- when a list (<ul>) follows a paragraph (<p>), push URLs from the
	paragraph after the list (e.g. [53] l.255 should be with [54]
	and friends l.272). It's already working fine, when a <p>
	follows a <ul>;
- make sure the [##] doesn't starts a new line (using an UTF-8
	non-breaking space before it maybe?), e.g. [34] l.185;
- don't wrap the list items, e.g. for NNWP: one per line is enough,
	even if the line is longish (at worst, we'll rule out packages
	with too long “short” description ;-).

I almost asked you to remove the “mailto:”; from the URL if it's a mail,
but that one was so easy I was able to fix it myself (r3685).

Since you already have write access, you shouldn't hesitate to commit
your further improvements directly (we can still review the code a
posteriori, and come back to a previous state easily: it's a VCS). It's
even better to do one commit per single fix or improvement (less lines
to review, and it's also easier to revert, or understand, especially if
it triggers another bug later).



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