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Re: New version of DPNhtml2mail.pl

Le jeudi 03 mai 2012 à 22:34:11 (-0400), David Prévot a écrit :
> Hi,
> Le 03/05/2012 19:04, Thomas Blein a écrit :
> That's great, thanks a lot! Those improvements will make our life a lot
> easier, so I just committed it (r3684, only removing “# Correction of
> indentation of the script” from the changelog, thanks for that too: it
> helps to figure out what the actual changes are).

Can I make a indentation cleaning (my python side…) and record only this
nothing more, or is it forbidden because you prefer to be able to
monitor change on the long way?

> There are so many better things, I can't count them all, so I'll just
> focus on some remaining bits. While testing on the last French DPN issue
> (2012/09), we can still spot some bugs:


> Other ideas, feature request (we already talk of some on IRC, all may
> not be easy, but writing them down to remember):

They do not look so difficult and might be easy to fix already got some

> Since you already have write access, you shouldn't hesitate to commit
> your further improvements directly

I was not confident enough to do so. There will be some "noice" next



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