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Re: Debian artwork for Wheezy

I would like to participate in a new contest. 

I participated in the last one [1], helped to bugfix our actual theme and contributed some other artwork to Debian [2] [3] [4]. 

I remember the last contest had some flaws. So here are some suggestions.

1. A contest should have a fixed deadline until proposals can be made. After that deadline no new proposals are accepted.

2. After the deadline has ended, artists and all interested people have additional time to discuss their proposals on the debian-desktop list. Everyone can suggest changes and artists can do enhancements. The timeframe for this extra time should be narrow, but wide enough that work can be done. I suggest two weeks. 

3. After that time we should come to a decision. I see two possibilities for that: A jury or a poll.

4. If we have a jury, its members should be named _before_ the contest. I don‘t think it is helpful if after the end of the contest people pop up out of the blue, each declaring authority. It gives the (wrong) impression that the loudest people have the say.

5. It would be perfect if the jury members represent Debian in some way.

6. If we have a poll, it should be possible for developers and users to take part in it. The appearance of the Debian desktop is of great importance to developers and users alike. Although it can be easily changed, it is still the first look of the Debian distribution. And we know we can fall in love on first looks.

7. The poll should be publicly announced. The more people know about it the better. A poll that is announced behind closed doors is a farce. 

8. There should be enough time for the announcement to spread. Developers in times of a freeze may be in a haste. So lets give them time to find out about the proposals and to decide. I suggest ten days.

9. The poll should have a clear deadline. After the deadline no more votes are accepted.

10. If we vote openly per mail to the debian-desktop list we have the advantage that everyone can control the correct counting. Nevertheless two independent people should be named to actually do and present the counting. 

Thanks, regards

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianArt/Themes/lisp-machine
[2] http://www.ulrich-hansen.de/debian/lenny.htm
[3] http://www.ulrich-hansen.de/debian/orbit.htm
[5] http://ulrich-hansen.de/debian/index.htm

Am 14.12.2011 um 20:10 schrieb Stefano Zacchiroli:

> On Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 09:17:39PM -0200, Valessio Brito wrote:
>> I think the attempt to tender / call for proposal has already happened
>> more than once and did not work very well.
> Well, it is also true we could have done more to advertise the call for
> proposals. For instance, it seems to me that we did not send out a press
> release asking for them for Squeeze. Nor we did advertise in similar
> ways a user poll to choose one (in case the -desktop people actually
> want to do so).
> If you people want to give up on the idea of proposals, that's fine, of
> course. But please consider that, starting ahead of time, we can do way
> more publicity to the call for proposals than what we did for Squeeze.
>> Would not the construction of several themes, all parties could work
>> on a concept or theme predefined by the developers.
>> example:
>> The concept of sustainability and clean energy.
>> Or a topic related "against planned obsolescence" or "free technologies".
> If you do so, please be aware that it might be a slippery slope. In
> particular, please keep in mind that Debian has an ethical position on
> Free Software, but has no ethical position on topics like ecology,
> economy, world peace, religion, etc.
> Cheers.
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