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Re: Debian artwork for Wheezy

I think theattempt totender/ callforproposal has alreadyhappenedmore than onceand did not workvery well.

My proposalwould bethe conveningofinterested people towork underthe sameconcept and�proposal.

Would notthe construction of severalthemes,allparties couldwork onaconcept or theme�predefinedby the developers.

The concept ofsustainabilityand clean energy.
Oratopic related "against planned obsolescence" or "free technologies".

this is justadifferent viewof the competitionwhere we haveseveral proposalsand in the end�we do not haveasolid workon the conceptand other artwork.

We will be a team of people working to make the best of a single design.

2011/12/13 Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>
That's great, thanks for the first draft and to Valessio for pointing us
to the right template wiki page.

Before going forward, though, we (obviously) need some (n)ack from the
-desktop people. I've seen that, also thanks to a ping from the release
team, discussion has already happened in the past on the list about the
Wheezy artwork. �It's not clear to me, however, what the consensus is.

Can we go ahead and prepare a call for wheezy artwork or is there a need
to wait more?

Thanks for your feedback,

> Profissional de inova�
@valessiobrito / +55 (71) VALESSIO

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