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Re: Debian artwork for Wheezy

On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 11:43:15AM +0000, ValessioBrito wrote:
> A theme Debian is a look at their identity and also contributes to
> building and identification with their users.
> Create a campaign to drive the team of advertising and marketing.
> Promotional material and events.
> I believe Debian need a theme to each release proposal. To have a
> unique visual communication.

Agreed. And I think for Wheezy we should start much more in advance than
what we did (thanks to the wonderful initiative by the -desktop people)
for Squeeze.

Freeze is 6 months away and, if we stay on the same ballpark figures of
previous releases, release will be 6 months after that. A whole year is
not that much for a campaign in which attract themes, possibly setting
up a contest to choose among them, and picking one.

How do the -desktop feel about starting right now calling for themes for
Wheezy? We can setup pages to submit proposals as you did for Squeeze,
and once the template is ready send out a first press release to invite
submissions. We can relaunch it once or twice at a 1-2 months
distance. That would allow us to have a reasonable set of proposals for
the beginning of the freeze and organize for that time a poll.

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