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Re: Fund raising advertisement on the DPN


Am 10.10.2011 20:36, schrieb Raphael Hertzog:

>> We (the Debian Project, I guess) must not do such thing: there are many
>> ways to achieve freeness, and you didn't choose one the Debian project
>> endorse for itself.
> I don't think the Debian project endorses anything on the matter. The
> Debian project is concerned about the result, not about how the free
> work has been funded.

I agree with Raphael here.  Debian informs (as said previously) neutral
and objective about what's going on in the Debian universe.  Apparently
there is demand for Debian books - I got often enough asked for
recommendations¹.  Apparently someone is trying to fill that gap.
Apparently Debian's users are also interested in that initiative.  So
yes, I think Debian should inform our users.

Okay, let's try it that way:  Do you, David, could think of a
formulation, that you would find acceptable for the DPN?

Best regards,

1: By the way:  Did you know that at one point, we also had a collection
of several (German) Debian books for events (got them for the publishers
for free); if visitors asked for books, we showed them the ones the ones
we had.  So the visitors could take a look at them, and buy the one,
they found most useful for them.  I think it was good to do so; most of
the visitors would have bought a book anyway; through this service they
just had the chance to buy the "right" book for them.

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