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Re: Fund raising advertisement on the DPN


Le 02/11/2011 11:02, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl a écrit :
> Am 12.10.2011 06:05, schrieb David Prévot:
>> So I propose the following policy:
>> *The DPN does not inform about fund raising initiative*

s/do/does/ as pointed by Jeremiah.

>> The following exception tries to reflect our current usage:
>> Once a year, mentioning the possibility to sponsor Debian (e.g. via its
>> DebConf event) is acceptable (but not mandatory).
> I consider that policy to be to strict.

That was intended: if we could avoid spending a whole month the next
time someone want to push such an initiative, we could issue two more
DPN in the mean time, and it may be a better use of our time and energy.
I agree that “policy” is indeed a too strong word for such a guideline,
but having a simple and silly rule make it easy to follow.

> First of all, I can imagine
> even more exceptions needed, think about hardware, sprints.  One could
> even think about "legal help" if someone doing a service for Debian
> get's hurt/sued/whatever while doing so.

Sure, and the given examples illustrate real force majeure cases, that
would deserve their own specific press announcement, no need to wait for
the next DPN issue. I trust the press team, who can work closely with
our leader, to be able to rationally decide and take care of such

> Also "once a year" might not fit the needs of the DebConf, so again I'd
> rather like to see it discussed case by case, instead of having a strict
> policy.

DebConf clearly doesn't need the DPN, they do a great job without our
help: last formal call for money in the DPN was five years ago, and last
year, we linked to the sponsorship page of the DebConf website while
commenting about the brochure, I would be surprised if this link helped
to raise a single конвертибилна марка.

I don't think it's a fundamentally bad idea to inform people once in a
while they can give money to our non-profit organization, but I believe
that informing people can be sponsored to assist DebConf [1] is a way
more subtle way to achieve this purpose: we don't even mention the fund
raising initiative or push a direct link to it, but our readers are not
dummies either [2].

	1: http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2011/08/#Debconf11program
	2: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=debconf+sponsor

I think repeated solicitations do harm: Debian is a non profit
organization; it does rely on volunteer work and should avoid at all
cost (pun intended) to rely on a doubtful economical-advertising scheme.

> Well, and you'll also find sponsors/donations/money mentioned in press
> releases, which should be even stricter regaring money involvement, as
> they _are_ public statements of the project, not just an informal
> newsletter, aren't they?

As previously said, I trust the press team, as an official (delegated?)
team, to be able to decide each specific case, and given the pros and
cons, take the needed tough decisions. As a DPN editor, I would be glad
not to even worry about it.



P.-S.: As a side note, after more thought about the press team, thanks
to Alexander last update, having a private mail alias, involving a small
group of persons, might not be the more reliable way to take important
decisions; it currently works well, thanks to the people involved, but
if for any reason, most press people are temporally unreachable (I think
it's sad if people can't even have a few days vacation [3]), the
remaining smaller group might have a hard time to handle stuff correctly.

	3: http://blog.alphascorpii.net/english/debian/press-work.html

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