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Re: Fund raising advertisement on the DPN (Was: [Publicity-commits] r2683 - /dpn/en/current/index.wml)


Am 07.10.2011 20:10, schrieb MJ Ray:

> > If Dell started to sell computers with Debian pre-installed, would you
> > also not cover this? 
> Yes, but would that be worded as "Dell has started to sell computers
> with Debian pre-installed" or "<a ...>You can buy Dell computers
> here</a>"?  I think it's pretty sure to be the first style.

Interesting case.

Let's see, what one could write:

0) Nothing at all.

Well, I always thought the DPN should cover interesting events of the
wider Debian universe.  So I'd really like to see that covered, as I
think our users / readers will find that information interesting.

1) Dell sells Debian Computers.

That misses quite some information.  Where?  How?  In what countries?

2) Dell sells Debian computers.  <a href="link">Buy them here!</a>

IMHO that's clearly to much advertisement.

3) Dell sells Debian computers.  More Information on <a
href="link">Dell's Website.</a>

That makes it very clear that more information is available, that it's
not our information.  Seems to be quite neutral / objective to me.

4) <a href=link>Dell</a>  sells Debian Computers.

IMHO not enough information, and could be seen as "hidden
advertisement", while the previous formulation makes that a bit clearer.

So, I agree with Zack here:  There is a difference between informing and
advertising.  I consider the Job of the DPN to inform our users, in a
neutral and objective manner (which also covers "Debian Internals", the
DPN should not praise Debian, but inform about it).

So, now the bonus question:  Let's replace "Dell" with
"$some_hardware_vendor".  How big does $some_hardware_vendor needs to
get, so we consider it important enough to be part of the DPN?

Or if that's to abstract, let's take a look at the upcoming "AmigaOne
X1000" which will (optionally?) come with Debian presinstalled (taken
from the Google News Alerts on the publictiy-aggregation list [1]).  Is
that okay to be mentioned?

I think it will be very difficult to find a fair and working "policy"
which to cover that.  I also think we'll do our users a disservice with
"don't mention it at all" policy.  So the best thing I can think of is
to continue our current "common sense" approach of discussing it, until
we are all satisfied with the result.

  1: https://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/publicity-aggregation/

Best regards,

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