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Re: DebConf Events BoF? (was: DebConf upcoming, talk proposal, BoF after that)


* Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@yahoo.it> [110503 15:21]:

> > Maybe it's the meeting I had to attend the whole day, but are we
> > speaking of a "package" like a Debian package to install, or are we
> > talking about a "package" like a physical package to send arround to the
> > events?
> /me was talking about a Debian package to aptitude install. :)

FWIW:  I have such a presentation as OOo / LibreOffice presentation
somewhere in my home.. Used to work very well for CeBIT, CLT, etc.

Some other ideas:
 * Upon installation a demo user with sudo rights is created (thing you
   usually do, when setting up a demo machine)
 * Somehow a babelbox in virtualbox is integrated?
 * At one point in the past we got the idea, to include some (random)
   quotes from the user list in the presentation
 * Some recommends for $interesting eye catching packages

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