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Re: DebConf upcoming, talk proposal, BoF after that

On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 03:20:09PM +0200, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> DebConf 11 is coming soon, and the "Call for Participation" will close
> soon, too.  I plan to attend, and propose two sessions for us:
> 1) A talk for targeting non -publicity team members. That would include
> a short introduction, what we do, and how to help us, but could also
> include some more about "external communication", why it is so hard for
> us to work and for journalists to thread us fair, and why DDs should
> think twice before posting to d-d-a or planet, and maybe even why have a
> press team and a publicity team.

I agree this is a must have, no matter how much we've advertised what
-publicity does, how to use its "services", and how to contribute:
repetita iuvant, we'll always find new ears for that.  I cannot
volunteer right now to co-host the talk, as I've yet to understand the
various activities I'll propose at DebConf myself, but I'm available to
review the slides and discuss what you want to put into them (best thing
would probably be to post drafts to this list).

> 2) Of course a usual get together and think what to do BoF session,
> for team members and interested.

ACK, probably best if we can ensure that the BoF is scheduled after the
talk, so that potential newbies who get interested by the talk can
attend the BoF.

Who else will be at DebConf of our fellow -publicity readers?

Thanks for raising this topic!

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