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Re: Debian Project News 2011/06 frozen. Please review and translate

On 2011-04-18 16:38, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:

* Justin B Rye<jbr@edlug.org.uk>  [110418 21:29]:
As a side note, J&ouml;rg added that during the meeting Ansgar Burchardt was
promoted to FTP Assistant: congratulations, Ansgar!
The problem is (partly) that the "promotion" model would imply upward
movement from one role to another - in other words, that Ansgar was
now an FTP Assistant *instead of* a Debian Developer.
Sorry for the late answer.  Indeed it was an actual promotion: From an
FTP Trainee to an FTP Assistant.  So nothing bad about the wording, and
no downlooking on Debian Developers.
I, probably like most readers, have no idea who the archive team is training. We should explicit the "promotion" in question to clarify. Better yet, avoid the word "promotion", which is stretched to describe what happened, and call it as it is, for example:

J&ouml;rg added that Ansgar Burchardt successfully completed his training to become a team assistant during the meeting: congratulations, Ansgar!

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