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Re: Debian Project News 2011/06 frozen. Please review and translate

Hi Jeremiah,

On 2011-04-18 08:58, Jeremiah Foster wrote:
On Apr 16, 2011, at 21:38, Filipus Klutiero wrote:

On 2011-04-16 12:21, David Prévot wrote:
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We just finished the last bits for the latest issue of the Debian
Project News to be released on Monday. We would appreciate reviews and


Thank you David and thanks to all other contributors. Here are my remarks:

Even though there has been some work in progress towards getting rid
of HAL (still used by
<code><a href="http://packages.debian.org/xserver-xorg";>xserver-xorg</a></code>
on kFreeBSD), Cyril Brulebois mentioned that<a
it is stalled for now</a>.
"there has been some work in progress" does not sound right to me. "there is some work in progress", maybe?
Yeah, that is not really correct English. I'll change.
<a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/04/msg00041.html";>could
be adopted</a>  to this end, though this proposal has provoked a great many
objections, whether
<a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/04/msg00051.html";>\
rational</a>  or<a href="http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/04/msg00120.html";>\
less so</a>.
I don't understand the link on "less so".
I think it is trying to highlight a "rational" argument (the first link) and a "less than rational" argument, the second link.
Hum...yeah, but the second link is actually a post from Lars which is a "meta" sub-thread on how argumentation should be made. Lars writes explicitly that "I am not taking any stance for or against ifupdown, or even Network Manager." Putting a link on "less so" is already unclear, but one that points to that post doesn't make much sense to me.
As a side note, J&ouml;rg added that during the meeting Ansgar Burchardt was
promoted to FTP Assistant: congratulations, Ansgar!
"promote" is strange here. I suggest:
eh? It is a promotion.
I don't know. Here is the definition of promote that I guess is being used:
(transitive) To raise (someone) to a more important, responsible, or remunerative job or rank.
FTP assistant is not a job, so that leaves the more important or responsible rank. The sentence seems to imply that FTP assistant is a more important rank than whatever Ansgar was, probably a developer, but that is misleading, because Debian has no hierarchy tree. I would understand that DPL is considered more important than developer, but FTP assistant? This is a judgment from whoever wrote that paragraph.

In any case, whether a developer becoming FTP assistant should be considered a promotion or not, the promotion itself is irrelevant, it's the assistant's willingness to do a new task that is newsworthy.

The sentence was since changed to
As a side note, J&ouml;rg added that during the meeting Ansgar Burchardt was
appointed to the post of FTP Assistant; congratulations, Ansgar!
but I never heard the word "post" that way in English. It seems to be used in the sense of "position". "poste" means that in French, but could a native English speaker confirm this is not a faux ami?

As a side note, Ansgar Burchardt started to serve as an FTP Assistant during the meeting; thank you, Ansgar!
Cyril Brulebois published the<a
href="http://blog.ikibiki.org/2011/04/10/DXN-9/";>ninth</a>  and<a
href="http://blog.ikibiki.org/2011/04/11/DXN-10/";>tenth</a>  issues of his
Debian XFS News.
X11 is no FileSystem!
I have no idea what you're talking about here.
Sorry, "XFS" needed changing to "XSF". It's already done.

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