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Re: Announcing d-i betas / rcs properly


Am 13.01.2011 03:33, schrieb Paul Wise:

> In the meantime RC1 was announced on d-d-a. I've taken the liberty of
> condensing it and rewriting it for a wider audience, any thoughts?

Partly my fault; right when otavio found the time to contact me, I kind
of fell of the net (and then fell into sleep).

But as the press doesn't seem to have it picked up, yet, we can still
send out announcements, if we hurry :)

> Some major improvements of the Squeeze installer over the Debian 5.0
> (Lenny) installer include ...FIXME...

Maybe we can extract that from the first alpha1 announcement?  I'll
check that.

> More changes are available in the Debian Installer team's announcement
> to the Debian community[3].

>      3. http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2011/01/msg00002.html

It's also available on the web, I think we should use

Best regards,

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