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Re: Announcing d-i betas / rcs properly


Am 12.01.2011 15:20, schrieb Paul Wise:

> I guess from here we should contact the debian-boot list about announcing
> the d-i squeeze RC?

Let's do it then :)

While introducing Paul Wise as our newest member of the press team, we
came to discuss the announcements of d-i betas/rcs.  We all agreed, that
they should be "properly" announced, as we think they deserve more than
a mail to d-d-a.

However, we are unsure about your timeline and how to proceed with that.
 I see that images are already available at
http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/squeeze_di_rc1/ but nothing has been
announced, yet (which is good, as we can still work together).

So, hoping that I don't distract you from your job, do you have any
timeline?  And can you tell us, what we should announce / where we can
find your changes?

Best regards,

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