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Re: debiancd.org


On Tue, 03 Aug 2010, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> One easy way to help you even more (beside finaly adding you the vendor
> list) could be to mention you in an upcoming issue of the Debian Project
> News.  On the one hand, that would fit, as you are "something happening
> in the wider Debian world", on the other hands, it's difficult to draw
> a line what fits, and what not.
> So I guess that needs to be discussed first.  I would also like to point
> out, that there are similar problems.  See for example,
> http://raphaelhertzog.com/2010/07/28/do-you-want-a-free-debian-book/,
> which is an initative of "freeing" a Debian related book.  On the one
> hand it's a good initiative, but on the other hand, there are also other
> books about Debian, most (if not all?) donate a share back to us.
> So before answering you, we first seem to find a general answer, what
> and how, we as debian-publicity, would like to endorse / bless / mention
> / whatever handle these and similar things.

Nobody dared to reply on this topic. Let's try.

You need to think in terms of objectives. There's no rule that works in
all cases. Ask yourself "Does it help Debian to achieve its goals?".
That question can be replaced by many sub-questions:
 - does it help improve something?
 - does it help to attract new contributors?
 - is this useful for Debian users to know?
 - does it help current contributors to achieve their Debian goals?

If you answer yes to one of those, then I think it's fine provided that
you don't answer yes to one of the questions below:
- does it hinder another Debian contributor in his work?

Maybe the questions could be expanded but I think it's a good baseline
in that it allows for broad coverage and takes into account the interest
of the project and its contributors.

If you checkout the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, it covers topics that are
fairly large: they have a section "In other news" where they put those
news that are only loosely related to Ubuntu (including "commercial"

BTW, the biggest problem of UWN is that's it's too long IMO, it contains too
much information... but you can look around, it's interesting to see how
they organized themselves to achieve a weekly publication:

Each section is assigned to one of the contributors:

They have a very detailed list of steps:

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