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Re: debiancd.org


* Kum G. <lista-nospam@kumgabor.hu> [100803 12:21]:

> We started a project (debiancd.org) some weeks ago, we are sending 
> factory-made Debian CDs (almost) worldwide, but we have some problems:
> - Nobody knows us. What do you think, how can we promote our CDs?

I'm sorry to inform you, that this is a difficult topic. As you might
have already been told, your "case" (so to speak) has recently been
discussed on the debian-www and debian-cd lists [1] and our web team
didn't like the idea to bless / endorse any vendor.

One easy way to help you even more (beside finaly adding you the vendor
list) could be to mention you in an upcoming issue of the Debian Project
News.  On the one hand, that would fit, as you are "something happening
in the wider Debian world", on the other hands, it's difficult to draw
a line what fits, and what not.

So I guess that needs to be discussed first.  I would also like to point
out, that there are similar problems.  See for example,
which is an initative of "freeing" a Debian related book.  On the one
hand it's a good initiative, but on the other hand, there are also other
books about Debian, most (if not all?) donate a share back to us.

So before answering you, we first seem to find a general answer, what
and how, we as debian-publicity, would like to endorse / bless / mention
/ whatever handle these and similar things.

Any comments welcome...

   1: http://lists.debian.org/<20100728160023.GA9563@upsilon.cc>

Best Regards,

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