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Re: debiancd.org

On Tue, Aug 03, 2010 at 12:21:27PM +0200, Kum G. wrote:
> We started a project (debiancd.org) some weeks ago, we are sending 
> factory-made Debian CDs (almost) worldwide, but we have some problems:

Kum, are you talking with the people behind <info@debiancd.org> ?
I've discussed separately this topic with them (starting from an inquiry
of mine on whether they were going to donate to Debian or not, since the
wording on the website seemed ambiguous), but from your mail it seems
you are not in touch with them.

> - I filled in the CD vendor submission form 
> (http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/adding-form) some weeks ago, but my 
> submission was not accepted, and I don't know why

See the report from Alexander. However, while ATM we do not like to list
debiancd.org as our "favorite" CD reseller or anything such, I see no
reason for not having you listed among other CD vendors on that
page. You can be listed as a vendor from Hungary, which sells worldwide.

I believe your request to be listed there has simply been lost, as
Alexander observed.

> - We want to give our profit to the Debian Project. How is it
> possible? Or write to SPI?

See <http://www.debian.org/donations> or contact me, and in fact you
already did :-) As Alexander said, the best way from Hungary is probably
to donate to FFIS. Which cadence do you have in mind for donations?

Thanks a lot for your support to the Debian project!

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