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Re: debiancd.org

On Tuesday 03 August 2010 20.18.21 you wrote:
> > Yes, I'm sorry. We were waiting on your answer.
> Sorry, but that is not true, at least according to my mailbox.
> I've mailed you last on July 28th and then also BCc-ed you on my post on
> the matter to -www. I haven't then heard back from you after that mail,
> in which I was raising various subject. Have you missed that mail of
> mine?  Message id is: <20100728154503.GA9054@upsilon.cc>

Hmm... the message id of the last e-mail we received from you is 
I think it was our mistake, could you send it again please?

> > Some of us are very unhappy that nobody knows about our project,
> > that's why I wrote now on the debian-publicity list.
> Please do not expect people to react immediately. We are very happy that
> debiancd.org is distributing our CDs and we are working on having you
> listed, but we are all volunteers and it might take some time to process
> your request.

OK, that's true. When we started, we didn't think that it will be so difficult 
to inform people about this possibility.
I would like to say thank you for everybody who helps us!

> > We are planning to donate monthly or quarterly via SPI's Click & Pledge,
> > if it is good for you. Now, after 22 CDs the project is still in minus, I
> > hope soon it will change. If you wish, we can give you a full
> > calculation.
> As I said in the aforementioned mail, no need for specific
> calculation. I believe that quarterly would be OK and donations to SPI
> are OK too, if you like that.



Kum Gabor

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