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Re: debiancd.org

On Tue, Aug 03, 2010 at 07:23:32PM +0200, Kum Gabor wrote:
> > I've discussed separately this topic with them (starting from an inquiry
> > of mine on whether they were going to donate to Debian or not, since the
> > wording on the website seemed ambiguous), but from your mail it seems
> > you are not in touch with them.
> Hi all!
> Yes, I'm sorry. We were waiting on your answer.

Sorry, but that is not true, at least according to my mailbox.

I've mailed you last on July 28th and then also BCc-ed you on my post on
the matter to -www. I haven't then heard back from you after that mail,
in which I was raising various subject. Have you missed that mail of
mine?  Message id is: <20100728154503.GA9054@upsilon.cc>

> Some of us are very unhappy that nobody knows about our project,
> that's why I wrote now on the debian-publicity list.

Please do not expect people to react immediately. We are very happy that
debiancd.org is distributing our CDs and we are working on having you
listed, but we are all volunteers and it might take some time to process
your request.

> We are planning to donate monthly or quarterly via SPI's Click & Pledge, if it 
> is good for you. Now, after 22 CDs the project is still in minus, I hope soon 
> it will change. If you wish, we can give you a full calculation.

As I said in the aforementioned mail, no need for specific
calculation. I believe that quarterly would be OK and donations to SPI
are OK too, if you like that.

> We will try to do our best.
> Ps: "CD types" page changed, GNOME is there too.

Wonderful!  In my aforementioned mail I also mentioned to give more
credit to the Debian CD people and put you in touch with them (just in
case that is still todo too).


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