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Re: debiancd.org

On Tuesday 03 August 2010 16.35.51 Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> Hi!


> * Kum G. <lista-nospam@kumgabor.hu> [100803 12:21]:
> > We started a project (debiancd.org) some weeks ago, we are sending
> > factory-made Debian CDs (almost) worldwide, but we have some problems:
> > - Nobody knows us. What do you think, how can we promote our CDs?
> I'm sorry to inform you, that this is a difficult topic. As you might
> have already been told, your "case" (so to speak) has recently been
> discussed on the debian-www and debian-cd lists [1] and our web team
> didn't like the idea to bless / endorse any vendor.

OK, I think this problem is solved.

> One easy way to help you even more (beside finaly adding you the vendor
> list) could be to mention you in an upcoming issue of the Debian Project
> News.  

Perfect, thank you.

Kum Gabor

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