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Re: BSP in Bordeaux (France) during LSM/RMLL, 6-11 July 2010


Am 18.06.2010 14:26, schrieb Xavier Oswald:

>> Xavier, I noticed that the talk "Skolelinux, comment associer le
>> logiciel libre au développement durable et/ou à l’économie sociale et
>> solidaire ?" by Jean-Charles Siegel (see
>> http://2010.rmll.info/Skolelinux-comment-associer-le-logiciel-libre-au-developpement-durable-et-ou-a-l-economie-sociale-et-solidaire.html?lang=en)
>> isn't listed as a Debian related talk.  Is that so by mistake or on purpose?
> It's not a mistake. I have already work with those guys. It's not about
> Skolelinux itself or any technical things. It's about how to reuse old machines
> and some economic stuffs. Skolelinux will only be mentionned in 2 or 3 slides.
> That's all.

Ah, okay.  Many thanks!

Best regards,

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