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Re: BSP in Bordeaux (France) during LSM/RMLL, 6-11 July 2010

On 14:16 Fri 18 Jun     , Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> Hi!
> Am 17.06.2010 15:35, schrieb Xavier Oswald:
> >>   full quote to your benefit below, from a post on -events-eu.
> >> I believe it would warrant a news item on the website, doesn't it?
> [..]
> > Thanks Stefano. Here is a draft for a news entry. Im not a native english
> > speaker so help is very welcome. :)
> Thanks for the draft and for proofreading; I added the current version
> (including all reviews).  I also moved the BSP and Debian related talks
> section above the About LSM section, and added some other links.

Great. Thanks.
> Xavier, I noticed that the talk "Skolelinux, comment associer le
> logiciel libre au développement durable et/ou à l’économie sociale et
> solidaire ?" by Jean-Charles Siegel (see
> http://2010.rmll.info/Skolelinux-comment-associer-le-logiciel-libre-au-developpement-durable-et-ou-a-l-economie-sociale-et-solidaire.html?lang=en)
> isn't listed as a Debian related talk.  Is that so by mistake or on purpose?

It's not a mistake. I have already work with those guys. It's not about
Skolelinux itself or any technical things. It's about how to reuse old machines
and some economic stuffs. Skolelinux will only be mentionned in 2 or 3 slides.
That's all.

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