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Re: BSP in Bordeaux (France) during LSM/RMLL, 6-11 July 2010

On 14:16 Fri 18 Jun     , Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:


I just send you 2 comments on IRC but as I don't know if will read your log
before publishing this document, here are my requests:

> <h2>Debian related talks</h>
> <ul>
>   <li><a href="http://2010.rmll.info/Debian-Edu-Blend,431.html?lang=en";>Debian Edu Blend</a> - by Adreas Tille</li>
>   <li><a href="http://2010.rmll.info/DebianEdu-Skolelinux.html?lang=en";>DebianEdu/Skolelinux</a> - by Xavier Oswald and Christian Kuelker</li>

Please remove "Christian Kuelker" since he will not be there and I will thus
make this talk alone.

>   <li><a href="http://2010.rmll.info/Debian-Accessibility-Blend.html?lang=en";>Debian Accessibility Blend</a> - by Andreas Tille</li>
>   <li><a href="http://2010.rmll.info/The-Debian-GNU-Linux-project.html?lang=en";>The Debian GNU/Linux project</a> - by Xavier Oswald</li>
>   <li><a href="http://2010.rmll.info/FusionForge-one-year-and-a-half-later.html?lang=en";>FusionForge, one year and a half later</a> - by Roland Mas</li>
> </ul>

> <p>For further information, please visit the Debian web pages at
> <a href="$(HOME)/">www.debian.org</a> or send mail to
> &lt;<a href="mailto:press@debian.org";>press@debian.org</a>&gt;.</p>

Can you please add my name and adress there as the person to contact for booth and/or BSP questions.

 ,''`. Xavier Oswald (xoswald@debian.org)
: :' : GNU/LINUX Debian Developer <http://www.debian.org> 
`. `'  GPG Key: 1024D/88BBB51E
  `-   938D D715 6915 8860 9679  4A0C A430 C6AA 88BB B51E

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