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Re: Debian project news

El jue, 25-03-2010 a las 12:59 +0100, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl
> Hi!
> Alexander Reichle-Schmehl schrieb:
> > Well, as no show stoppers popped up during the discussion, I requested a 
> > new project with subversion repository on alioth.  Once the alioth 
> > admins have created it, we can start working.
> Wow, that was fast.  The have now an "publicity" project at 
> https://alioth.debian.org/project/admin/?group_id=100480.

Great! Could you add me please? My user in alioth is: fcestrada-guest,
during the day I'll invite the people interested to create an account in
Alioth and join us in the project.

> Okay, so it looks things will get rolling soon.  I just need to finish 
> the answer to one of my NMs.  As soon as that is done, I'll start 
> working setting up up the project and updating the documentation.

Good luck with that, any help with documentation, translation or
something else to start the work in DPN, don't hesitate to ask.

> Best regards,
>    Alexander

Fernando C. Estrada

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