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Re: Google AdSense for Debian

The right list for this discussion is debian-publicity. At that list there are
more people involved with the subject.
At debian-project we could invite more interested people to join discussion.

Before trying to create some ad alternatives, we need at least some basic answers:
1- Who is (are) the target audience(s)? Devs? Home users? Corporate users?
Sysadmins? Advanced home users? Road warriors? Total newbies? Teenagers? Elderly
users? Genre? ...
2- What do they want?
3- What do we have to offer to them to THEIR advantage?
4- Where, at our sites, are there landing pages suitable for each target
audience? Home page? Internal pages? Wiki pages? To-be-created/updated ones?
5- How to communicate (creative ad texts) these offers to match their needs?

When a set of ad groups and individual ads become agreed at debian-publicity,
maybe people could use their vouchers and start their own campaigns or forward
their vouchers for a nominated one in charge. But this could be decided in the
Having an agreed set of ad groups, ads, landing urls, and target audiences,
published at wiki (suggestion), anyone could start their own campaigns.
Years ago, there was a very nice set of graphical banners for Debian created by
"Volkany" nickname. In the spirit of fair use for the Debian Project, I copied
some of them to my server (to not exhaust original site bandwidth) and display
them at my banner rotation system, donating some of my ad space to Debian
Project. The valid version ones still receive clicks and could be included in
the discussion, if allowed (by "Volkany" also).

Andre Felipe

[0] http://io.debian.net/~tar/volkany/banners/
[1] http://io.debian.net/~tar/volkany/vbanners/

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