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Re: new Debian Project money donors listing page

On Sat, Oct 31, 2009 at 9:01 AM, Andre Felipe Machado
<andremachado@techforce.com.br> wrote:

> "Financial Partners" is an elegant naming. Will move the page to that, too.
> But the page is expected to grown, also, the formatting (css and wml) is
> different from the partners page. A merge will be confuse. And it is expected to
> grow, so it should be a good idea to have its own page.

If you plan to split the partners page, I suggest moving the existing
partners to /partners/development and /partners/service, then add
/partners/financial. /partners could then get the content from
/partners/partners, which would be removed. Personally I think it
would be preferable to have them all on one page (add "Financial
Partners" to /partners).

> I am still not aware of previous donations, but how should we list, then, a
> once-off donation of a "significant" amount?

Same as all the other monetary and equipment donations IMO, list the
donor and what was donated. You could probably get a list of previous
donations from SPI/FFIS/ASL/etc. Those donors who don't mind being
named can be added and for each year you could add "* USD$1234 was
received from 12345 anonymous donors" at the end of the list.

> How could we classify the personal/company effort done to a given donation, even
> it was once only?

I'm not sure what you're asking here. Perhaps you mean the distinction
between monetary donations and financial partners? I think the
difference is simply that financial partners (like the other partner
categories) give on-going support.

> The third column should have some form of indication of updating a running
> total. So, recurrent donations will increase such numbers and have (likely)
> recent dates.

Right, I suggest to consult debian-l10n-english for the wording on that.

> I do not know how many external and internal links are pointing to the
> /misc/equipment_donations, so a simple move could not be as good as we like.
> Maybe, leaving a "permanently moved to this new url" page is a solution, but we
> have to discuss it at debian-www first.

I was thinking a HTTP redirect, via a HTML header could be added.

Here is my proposed structure for the donations pages:

/donations/money contains donations for the current year and links to
previous years at the end of the page. Moved to
/donations/money/<year> at the end of the year.

/donations/money/2008 contains donations for 2008

Same for the equipment donations.

I'd suggest consulting with the Debian accountant and auditor as well
as SPI to find out if we are allowed to list monetary donations on the
website like that. Same suggestion for the financial partners.



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