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Re: new Debian Project money donors listing page

Thanks for the suggestions.
This is a draft, so it needs improvements.
Could one suggest some of the rewording?

"Financial Partners" is an elegant naming. Will move the page to that, too.
But the page is expected to grown, also, the formatting (css and wml) is
different from the partners page. A merge will be confuse. And it is expected to
grow, so it should be a good idea to have its own page.

I am still not aware of previous donations, but how should we list, then, a
once-off donation of a "significant" amount?
How could we classify the personal/company effort done to a given donation, even
it was once only?
The third column should have some form of indication of updating a running
total. So, recurrent donations will increase such numbers and have (likely)
recent dates.

I do not know how many external and internal links are pointing to the
/misc/equipment_donations, so a simple move could not be as good as we like. 
Maybe, leaving a "permanently moved to this new url" page is a solution, but we
have to discuss it at debian-www first.

The other suggestions I will comment at other msg.

Andre Felipe

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