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Re: Draft for lenny release announcement

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 8:25 PM, Ferenc Wagner <wferi@niif.hu> wrote:

> That sounds fishy.  As I understand it, win32-loader can start the
> installer from Windows, not needing a reboot (thus not needing BIOS
> boot order reconfiguration either).  I doubt Windows stays running
> during installation, rather it's replaced by the Debian Installer.

Wrong, win32-loader adds grub to the Windows boot.ini and you can then
reboot and choose to boot d-i via grub-win32 (or Windows) from the
Windows bootloader menu.

reboot-less installs under Windows could be done with coLinux perhaps:


There are also WUBI, Instlux, UNetbootin, Lubi, Mubi and LVPM.



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