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Re: Please review Debian Project News

Quoting Juliet Kemp (juliet@earth.li):

> "mentions" should be "mentioned" to match the tense of "published" and
> "thanked".  
> Debians System Adminstrators should be Debian Systems Administrators.


and other valuable suggestions.

Juliet, may I ask you where you read Alex call for reviews?

I have never seen contributions from you in debian-l10n-english so I
assume you read it in debian-publicity.... (please forgive me if I'm
wrong and forgive me even more if you already *did* contributions to
-l10n-english and I just have a brain failure).

Given that your suggestions were very clever, may I suggest you that
debian-l10n-english would very warmly welcome contributions you could

In any case, thanks a lot for this review...

/bubulle, wearing his "recruiting native speakers hat" in a desperate 
attempt to stop being the Frenchman teaching (fr)English to others
with the help of too few native speakers...

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