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Debian GSoC 2008 (Re: Please review Debian Project News)

Le February 7, 2009 01:50:14 pm Alexander Reichle-Schmehl, vous avez écrit :
> Hi!
> The latest issue of the Debian Project News is (more or less) finished
> and could be reviewed.  So please do so (unless you are reviewing the
> release notes or an other important document ;)

Thanks for contacting debian-publicity. I reviewed the news, and there is 
apparently one point of disagreement. Most Debian GSoC 08 had issues, so I 
removed a part praising most of them. You put back in a part claiming that 
most of the projects that weren't abandoned during the summer were very 
successful and are already in use. I'm not an expert in any of these fields 
and am not familiar with how the projects went, so I'm using the 
results from Obey Arthur Liu. I'm compiling below the results for these 

Netconf, a network configuration management system
Not successful

The ultimate Debian database, all things Debian in a SQL database
Successful and already in use
Seems to qualify

Debgraph, a generic infrastructure for the development of packages management 
Doesn't seem to be in use

Debian NAS, improve support of Debian on NAS devices
Seems to qualify

Cran2deb, generate Debian packages from R packages
Seems to qualify

Mergemaster, interactively merge changes in configuration files

PAM NSS Debian Installer, improve support of PAM and NSS at install-time

Jigdo-ivory, a JavaScript Jigdo client

Aptitude-gtk, usability and GTK+ GUI for the Aptitude package manager
Not in use

Lintian for fuller automated setups

Debexpo, a generic web-based package repository
Doesn't seem to be in use

From these 11 projects, 1 certainly qualifies, 3 seem to qualify, 5 don't 
qualify. At best, we have 5 projects qualifying, short of a majority of 6. 
I'm removing the part about success. If you put it back, please show which 
projects you think qualify.

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