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Re: Debian GSoC 2008 (Re: Please review Debian Project News)

Le February 9, 2009 03:16:22 pm Fabio Tranchitella, vous avez écrit :
> * 2009-02-09 21:13, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> > Sorry, I understand that as a mentor this can hurt. I only did a very
> > short summary of the results from a usefulness to Debian perspective -
> > not from a student perspective. From a student perspective, it looks like
> > Juan was successful. The issue is the communication between you and
> > vorlon.
> >
> > That said, Obey Arthur Liu's analysis of this project strongly suggests
> > that Juan's work is lost (will never be integrated). Your reply suggests
> > otherwise. If you think there's a possibility that Juan's work is
> > integrated, this would be worth a comment on Obey Arthur Liu's blog post.
> I definitely think the Juan work *will be* integrated into Debian.
> Just 
> please let's stop to hurt people classifying their projects as failures
> just on the basis of quick reading on the net. Please.

The intention wasn't to hurt, sorry again if it did. The intention was to 
check the validity of a statement which was scheduled to be published in the 
next DPN issue. The news item is based on Obey Arthur Liu's analysis, which I 
agree is probably not the most reliable source of information on Debian's 
GSoC 2008, as he was involved in it as a student. Nevertheless, I'm not aware 
of any better analysis on Debian's GSoC 2008. I looked for more information 
on the results of Juan's project, but couldn't find anything. There was a 
request for final summaries on soc-coordination, but I don't see one about 
Juan's project. 4 months passed since the end of the GSoC, so I think it's 
only normal that we start seeing some people trying to analyze the results in 
the absence of an official report. You're free to reject Obey Arthur Liu's 
analysis, but doing so without explaining is not terribly constructive.

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