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Re: DPN with Ikiwiki

Hi Martin!

martin f krafft schrieb:

> I spent today making http://dpn.debian.net, which is completely
> under development and really just an alpha, but I think it's cool
> already. At least you should be able to see what I am trying to do.

I finally had the time to take a look at ikiwiki and I like the idea of
having an web interface as well as an vcs behind.  However I stumbled
about some issues; but being the first hour of me using ikiwiki maybe I
have just missed something?

Since the Debian websites are maintained in webwml, that's the ultimate
format we need to end. Currently the issues are converted from moin
syntax to webwml manually with vim and search and replace.

I had hoped, that ikiwiki could maintain the issues directly in webwml
and save the conversion step, but I haven't seen how that's possible, yet.

Currently the translators of the DPN use cvs and alioth and I wonder if
it would be possible to integrate them into the same ikiwiki instance?

Currently last point on my list would be, if ikiwiki may be run on
alioth (it's installed there, so yes) and use the user passwords there?
 I guess I'm not the only one who doesn't want to have yet an other
password ;)

Many thanks for your affords so far and sorry for not getting back to
you sooner.

Best regards,

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