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Re: Debian GSoC 2008 (Re: Please review Debian Project News)

* 2009-02-09 21:13, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> Sorry, I understand that as a mentor this can hurt. I only did a very
> short summary of the results from a usefulness to Debian perspective -
> not from a student perspective. From a student perspective, it looks like
> Juan was successful. The issue is the communication between you and
> vorlon.
> That said, Obey Arthur Liu's analysis of this project strongly suggests
> that Juan's work is lost (will never be integrated). Your reply suggests
> otherwise. If you think there's a possibility that Juan's work is
> integrated, this would be worth a comment on Obey Arthur Liu's blog post.

I definitely think the Juan work *will be* integrated into Debian. Just
please let's stop to hurt people classifying their projects as failures
just on the basis of quick reading on the net. Please.

Thanks, EOD.

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