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Re: ikiwiki issues and open wiki (was: Please review latest issue of the Debian Project News)

also sprach MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> [2008.11.06.1529 +0100]:
> Done.  See
> http://ikiwiki.info/bugs/login_page_should_note_cookie_requirement/

Nice. Thank you!

> > According to the logs, I still get >10'000 hits/day from
> > spammers POSTing directly to the CGI with new page requests.
> Sure, new page creation should be restricted.  More specific
> anti-spam may also be worthwhile, but I hoped that happened
> anyway, because some spammers will login (as happened on my last
> public work wiki...).

Ikiwiki does not have "more specific anti-spam" yet, and I ain't
touching Perl. Furthermore, I can allow anonymous discussion only,
but not anonymous editing of existing pages without the right to
create new ones. Existing pages also get spammed, often their
entire contents replaced with links.

I'd like to stress that new articles can be submitted with Git or
a anti-spam-protected mail interface (which is currently disabled),
not only via ikiwiki, and that it allows OpenID, which is becoming
more and more standard too...

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