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Re: [DRAFT FOR REVIEW] Government owned IT enterprise SERPRO selected Debian GNU/Linux for its servers and wish to collaborate

I would like to publish this article this week.
The debian-partners address issue should be solved before. At least
someone should read the inbox.

FLOSS is not ambiguous [0].

There are some whiteboard webmeeting apps. And the ikiwiki worflow to
give a serious try [1]. I tried it a bit some time ago.
For now, you could use the "information" link at right menu bar [2] to
view previous versions, differences and roll back if needed.
But there is no merging between apart versions.  And if you roll back,
the versions after that previous versions are lost. Beware of it.
It is better to view that previous version, copy the desired text and
then paste into the recent version.

Andre Felipe

[0] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLOSS
[1] http://dpn.debian.net

Em Sáb, 2008-08-30 às 21:33 +0100, Jon Evans escreveu:
> Hello Andre, Graham,
> What sort of deadline are you looking for with this article? Just out
> of interest.
> Personally I like the $1 billion dollars in the opening paragraph. It
> hooks them nice and early.
> Is it FLOSS or FOSS?
> I wonder if there isn't someway to work on the article more
> collaboratively? It would be handy as well if we could preserve the
> older editions as we work, that way it's always possible to go back if
> we should need to.
> It's good to see you working with your key audience in mind - keep it
> up!!!
> Jon

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