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Re: Let's resurrect Debian Weekly News


Now that I got your full attention and other possible interested people
had time to subscribe to this list, it's about time to get some work
done.  But before we do so, I think it's necessary to clarify the
current status:

Currently two persons may send mails to debian-news@lists.debian.org.
These are Joey Schulze and myself. So far I acted more or less as
"backup", and considering the date of last DWN, I think it's time for
the backup to jump in.

Since my first mail doesn't seem to have been as clear as I thought, I
would like to point out, that I don't consider times.debian.net [1] or
the DeveloperNews [2] a bad idea or done in a bad way.  I just think, that
they are not a full replacement of what DWN was.  I think those three,
times.d.n, DWN and DeveloperNews complement each other, since every one
has a different focus:

DeveloperNews are sent to debian-developer-announce and target as
audience developers, maintainers and "power users".  They don't reach
Joe Average and their topic isn't that interesting for him (and might
be to technical for him to understand).

IMHO times.debian.net is a nice place for longer stories, which are more
or less of general interest, but too long for a newsletter.
successtories, event reports and similar things should still go there.
But that doesn't mean we shouldn't mention them in the Project News ;)

Just for completenes I would like to mention planet.debian.org of which
I have heard in the past, that it would be kind of replacement for the
DWN.  Actually I consider planet to be more like the chating during the
lunch in the companies cantina.  Since we are neither a company, nor a
cantina we have planet.  Some use it for private chatting, some for
project planing, but in no way it's something official -- not to mention
that there are people out there, who don't like blogs and consider
reading planet a waste of time. (Which doesn't mean we shouldn't link to
interesting posts there.)

So much for a small overview.  Now to thje interesting topic:  How the
work should be done IMHO:

I think it is very important for the success of the Project News to keep
the entry barrier low; people able to write or proofread are not
necessary those who are able to use those nifty revision control
systems.  So I think we should go for wiki.debian.org -- after all wikis
where made to maintain texts.

So I startet by creating http://wiki.debian.org/ProjectNews and some
pages linked from there.

The current workflow in my head would be the following:
- Someone sees something interesting and reports it to this list
- It's picked up by an editor, and added to
- Native english readers can review it constantly and improve it
- After two weeks it's sent to debian-news

Sounds simple, but while the last step currently needs to be done by me,
I would hope the first two aren't done by myself alone ;)

What I think would be nice to have, but not of major importance for the
start are translations.  We have all those nice debian-news-foobar
mailing lists, and it would be a shame to not use them.  Sadly I have
quite limited knowledge about (coordinated) translation efforts, and
don't know who has the rights to send mails to those locale news lists.

So if you would like to translate the news, please speak up now and join
the discussion.  AFAIK the Weekly News where frozen at some point to
give translators time for their job; how much time before release the
news would you need?

Other things we should keep in mind are, that we once had enough stuff
for weekly news.  So we should try to get them out weekly again.  And of
course I would like to see SPOFs and other bottlenecks removed before
I'm burned out ;)

Comments?  Questions?  Improvements?

  1: http://times.debian.net/
  2: http://wiki.debian.org/DeveloperNews

Yours sincerely,

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