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Let's resurrect Debian Weekly News


As many of you might have noticed, our weekly newsletter died more or
less some time ago[1].  Considering that to be a great loss and a shame for a
project as large as Debian, I think it's high time to resurrect it!

Guessing that it might take a bit of time to get things rolling again,
the aim for the start is to have at least a newsletter on a two week
basis in english (and if volunteers pop up in other languages, too).

How can you help?

If you like to become an editor or proof reader, please subscribe to the
debian-publicity mailing list.

But even if you consider your english to be not good enough you can still
be of help!  Of course it's impossible to be at any place and watch
everything, so we need your help to report noteworthy things to the
debian-publicity mailing list.  That includes watching our mailing list
as well as news sites, blogs and other mailing lists about Debian, Linux
and IT in general.

What should you report?

In short: Everything which could have a noticable impact on the Debian
Project or its user base.

You saw an interesting blog or news about Debian?  Report it to us!
There is an interesting discussion on one of our mailing list?  Report it
to us!  You are about to announce a nice improvement about your
subproject? Report it to us!  Just send us a small note to
debian-publicity@lists.debian.org.  You are going to present Debian at a
conference or exhibition?  What are you waiting for?  Report it to us!

The worst thing that could happen is that you report so much stuff that
we need to send out our newsletter on a weekly basis again ;)

Read you in two weeks,
  Alexander, with his "press"-hat on

1: Neither http://times.debian.net/ nor the recently started Developer
News are a full replacement of the good old DWN; the first has technical
problems and isn't reporting "the small things" the later is targeting a
different audience.

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