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two suggested items for dwn: djbware in main, Debian FAQ (was: Re: Let's resurrect Debian Weekly News)


Op Sat  5 Apr 2008 om 04:46:53 +0200 schreef Alexander Schmehl:
> As many of you might have noticed, our weekly newsletter died more or
> less some time ago[1].  Considering that to be a great loss and a shame for a
> project as large as Debian, I think it's high time to resurrect it!

> What should you report?
> =======================
> In short: Everything which could have a noticable impact on the Debian
> Project or its user base.
> You saw an interesting blog or news about Debian?  Report it to us!
> There is an interesting discussion on one of our mailing list?  Report it
> to us!  You are about to announce a nice improvement about your
> subproject? Report it to us!  Just send us a small note to
> debian-publicity@lists.debian.org.  You are going to present Debian at a
> conference or exhibition?  What are you waiting for?  Report it to us!

Perhaps these two items are suitable for a dwn issue:


"Debian Lenny will ship with djbdns in main"

Users of Debian Etch who'd like to run software by Dan J. Bernstein
[http://cr.yp.to/software.html] (qmail, djbdns, ...) on their system had
to install a -src package and compile it themselves, or get it from
non-Debian archives: Dan J. Bernstein used to distribute all software he
has written with a restrictive license
[http://cr.yp.to/distributors.html] which does not allow modified
binaries to be distributed.

Since late 2007 however, Dan J. Bernstein is making his software free:
"[...] i have decided to put all of my future and [...] past software
into the public domain"
Therefore, Debian now is allowed to ship proper binary packages of
djbware in main.

Debian Lenny will ship djbdns, daemontools and ucspi-tcp in main.  Work
[http://bugs.debian.org/457318] is being done on getting qmail in main.


"Debian Lenny will ship with a nice Debian FAQ"

The Debian GNU/Linux FAQ [http://packages.debian.org/doc-debian] as
shipped with Debian sarge was terribly out of date.  The one shipped
with Etch was somewhat better.  The one we'll ship with Lenny
[http://bugs.debian.org/473998] will rock!

(The one which came with Etch still mentioned obsolete stuff like the
dpkg-ftp dselect built in access method, dpkg-split, and installing
Debian from a pile of floppy disks.  Only really old people will
remember what that's about :)  The FAQ scheduled for etch will have a
section on synaptic, and will mention the Debian Wiki and Debian web

The updated FAQ [http://packages.debian.org/debian-faq] will ship
translations, and will no longer get shipped with the doc-debian
package, but as it's own debian-faq package.


I am not quite sure about the wording, btw.

Perhaps the one about the FAQ should get published only once this
package has entered testing.  It's not even in unstable now, but waiting
for upload by its maintainer.

The one about djbware might need an addition: some people consider
Bernstein's software controversial: it's said not to adhere to all
internet standards.

Anyway, I hope this is useful for a dwn issue.

Thanks for working on it!



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